If you want to recover the precious moments of your life that these people steal from you every day, if you want to do something to stop the SPAM that clogs your EMail mailbox, if you want to stop the telemarketers from plaguing your life with unsolicited phone calls, you are among friends here. Putting a stop to SPAM and telemarketers is in everyone's best interest. SPAM kills business productivity. SPAM clogs the Internet, and is a frequent vehicle for fraud. Telemarketers make evening hours unbearable. You cannot stop all SPAM and telemarketers by yourself, but with a little perseverence you can stop SPAM and telemarketers from many of their worst offenses once you're armed with the information provided here.

The Do-Not-Call Registry has been incredibly successful since its inception several years ago. If you signed up at the start and your registration lapsed, you can renew. For more information, see our How To Stop Telemarketers page

The onslaught of computer viruses, adware, and malware continues unabated. You need to be sure that your computer is protected by using effective anti-virus and anti-malware programs that you can rely on. See our new How To Stop Computer Virus tutorial.

The Internet is giving new opportunities to thieves, even though the crime is as old as the charge card. See our page on How To Stop Identity Theft. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim, and the first steps to take if your identity has been stolen. Don't miss my article on What The Heartbleed Bug Means To You.

Personal Privacy News

The latest upheaval in personal privacy is the hacking of Target Stores' credit card records. It's well worth your time to read my article on Credit and Debit Card Fraud Prevention to learn simple ways you can protect your credit and debit cards.

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